Work Experience

Software Engineer

Advanced Blockchain AG

March 2020 - April 2022


Advanced Blockchain AG is a publicly listed investor, incubator, and partner in the blockchain industry.

Contribution :

  • Built a microservice-based backend for providing the most reliable API ecosystem with continuous NFT scrapping and syncing on EVM chains.
  • Implemented and deployed the graph for staking contract tacking all events and allowing more advanced queries.
  • Integrated the smart contract for NFT, NFT Marketplace, Staking, Farming, Voting, Exchange using Web3 and React.
  • Customized Metamask UI and logic to add different sub-chains in one network.
  • Implemented ERC721A to mint batch NFT tokens with saving gas fees.

Blockchain Engineer

Privi Protocol

Feb 2018 - March 2020


Privi Protocol is The Worlds First Dapp Store.

Contribution :

  • Created and deployed staking, farming, voting, swap contract for the EVMtoken using Solidity and Hardhat.
  • Explored atomic swap between two or more Fabric networks.
  • Built NFT, NFT Marketplace, Auction, Airdrop smart contracts on almost of EVM chains and Polkadot chain by using Solidity and Rust.
  • Worked in the smart contract audit team and reviewed the contracts.

Front-End Developer

Morpheus Labs, Inc

April 2015 - Jan 2018


Morpheus is a Singapore-based company providing businesses with an end-to-end Blockchain-Platform as a Service (BPaaS) solution for innovation and value creation. Its solution power-up blockchain application development offers ready-to-use development tools and applications in an agnostic environment with leading blockchain technologies to facilitate mass adoption.

Contribution :

  • Built a poster automation tool using React, Node.js, PHP, Imagemagic and Python for UTProducts, and helped the client to raise $1M in their see round.
  • Participated in admin dashboard management development which involves TypeScript(React/Redux/Axios), HTML, TailwindCSS and more.
  • Executed the strategy laid out by project manager and built the core front- end architecture of a twitter-like social media platform for worldwide gamers.


Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree majored in Computer Engineering from Singapore Institute of Technology with a CGPA of 9.12
2010 - 2014


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