Work Experience

Full Stack Developer


Sep 2023 - Nov 2023


ChainGPT is an advanced AI model that assists individuals and businesses with everything related to Crypto and Blockchain technology.


  • Practised SOLID and DRY principles while delivering products in TDD approaches using Jest, Mocha and Cypress.
  • Built the GraphQL queries for the leading decentralized security & operational monitoring network.
  • Performed code reviews, code maintenance and deployments through continuous integration pipelines.
  • Built the ChainGPT chrome extension to interact with chaingpt AI model.

Web3 Full Stack Developer


Feb 2022 - Sep 2023


ClubRare is an eCommerce ecosystem that harnesses Real World Assets tokenization (RWA) to improve the way luxury goods are discovered, authenticated, and traded.

Software Developer

Advanced Blockchain AG

March 2020 - April 2022


Advanced Blockchain AG is a publicly listed investor, incubator, and partner in the blockchain industry.

Contribution :

  • Built a microservice-based backend for providing the most reliable API ecosystem with continuous NFT scrapping and syncing on EVM chains.
  • Implemented and deployed the graph for staking contract tacking all events and allowing more advanced queries.
  • Integrated the smart contract for NFT, NFT Marketplace, Staking, Farming, Voting, Exchange using Web3 and React.
  • Customized Metamask UI and logic to add different sub-chains in one network.
  • Implemented ERC721A to mint batch NFT tokens with saving gas fees.

Blockchain Developer

Privi Protocol

Feb 2018 - March 2020


Privi is a collection of decentralized apps designed to take the power away from the elite, and distribute it to the world.

Contribution :

  • Created and deployed staking, farming, voting, swap contract for the EVMtoken using Solidity and Hardhat.
  • Explored atomic swap between two or more Fabric networks.
  • Built NFT, NFT Marketplace, Auction, Airdrop smart contracts on almost of EVM chains and Polkadot chain by using Solidity and Rust.
  • Worked in the smart contract audit team and reviewed the contracts.

Front-End Developer

Morpheus Labs, Inc

April 2015 - Jan 2018


Morpheus is a Singapore-based company providing businesses with an end-to-end Blockchain-Platform as a Service (BPaaS) solution for innovation and value creation. Its solution power-up blockchain application development offers ready-to-use development tools and applications in an agnostic environment with leading blockchain technologies to facilitate mass adoption.

Contribution :

  • Built a poster automation tool using React, Node.js, PHP, Imagemagic and Python for UTProducts, and helped the client to raise $1M in their seed round.
  • Participated in admin dashboard management development which involves TypeScript(React/Redux/Axios), HTML, TailwindCSS and more.
  • Executed the strategy laid out by project manager and built the core front- end architecture of a twitter-like social media platform for worldwide gamers.


Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree majored in Computer Science from Singapore Institute of Technology with a CGPA of 9.12
2010 - 2014


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