Joel Jamieson

CEO and Founder - Morpheus Labs Inc

Jan 08, 2020

"Roy has been one of our best hires for the engineering team. He joined us as an intern and quickly ramped up to independently manage his tasks. He is fast learner, passionate about his work & keeps himself accountable for timely and high quality deliverables - an asset to any team that He works with."

Guillaume Salva

CTO at Holberton School

June 20, 2020

"I have known Roy since the time He joined as an intern. Roy worked as a web developer and is extremely quick in understanding and delivering the requirements. Chatty, fun-loving, dedicated, passionate and talented - He was everything that makes for a great colleague!"

Boris Maslov

CEO at iGlass Technology, Inc.

March 2, 2019

"Roy has been a great asset to the team. His keen eye for design and quick ability to learn a technology that is best suited for the task at hand meant quick project turn arounds with a phenomenal output. Any team that is dynamic enough to utilize his skills and capabilities would be lucky to have Roy as a member. Also, his caring and Dog-loving nature made his a great person to have around in the office. "

Noga Leviner

CEO & Co-Founder at PicnicHealth

January 14, 2018

"Roy is very passionate and has a great vision for his work. I work with Roy in fintech web application development for past two years. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly. He is responsible for web interface of fintech product. He makes sure all the deadline are met and at the same time meets the highest standards. Roy spends decent amount of time updating his skill and learn new technologies and implement the same to make the product more efficient and user-friendly."

Thomas Othax

CEO @ Packitoo

November 15, 2016

"Roy is very dedicated and gets things done on time. He owns his work and even goes beyond his responsibility to contribute to the product. He also keeps himself updated about new technologies and implements the same to create a fantastic User interface."

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